Area Of Coverage


Samarth wishing to extend handholding to entire spectrum of women community of Madhya Pradesh state, however, right now it is focusing on central part of the state covering districts of Bhopal, Rajgarh, Sehore and Raisen.


Samarth is engaged on field in collaboration with networking organisations at grassroots for concept and planning and direct intervention. Presently Samarth is focusing on following action zones –

  • Research into core issues and problems hindering the self evolution of women;
  • Proliferation of relevant and quality education particularly for those under 14 years along with adolescent and young mothers;
  • Women empowerment especially those representing larger women community at community based organisations like Village Panchayat, Self-help groups and other socio-cultural platforms;
  • Capacity building and skill development aiming at livelihood security by strengthening and expanding pool of livelihood options;
  • Support services for differently able or women under difficult circumstances;
  • Improving access to health services by extension and innovative approaches;
  • Developing community understanding on ecological and environmental issues;
  • Conservation and enrichment of natural resources through watershed approach;
  • Demonstration and dissemination of new/innovative technology with focus on reducing drudgery and improving efficiency and productivity;